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Lord of the Rings: Costuming

I also enjoy researching and creating costumes. Well, here I get to combine two passions! And that's what likely got me in trouble in the first place ;-) Sometime in 2001, I got tapped to help out moderating on the LotR costume site. "Oh, it'll probably only be maybe a hundred people or so that join, and you're already doing the work on the list...." Cat said. Now there are over 3700 people signed up on the yahoo list, and Cat's got more than 800 pages of info, pics and links on the ACS website. So,  I'm a senior editor for the site, moderator for the list, and keeper of the pattern suggestions page.

 Rather than just repeat a lot of what's already available, I'm just going to give you directions to all sorts of places that already exist. These are some of the best and most useful sites I've found.

AlleyCatScratch/lotr (if it deals with LotR costuming, you'll find it here! 800 pages or more of obsession)

Starfirephoenix (really great stuff on Eowyn and some generic elf. Cool stuff on other SF/F costumes also)

Koshka the cat (really great historic costumes as well as some wonderful help on Eowyn outfits)

Padawan's Guide (great stuff on Arwen as well as Eowyn as well as other movie costumes)

Middle Earth Costume Gallery (great help on Legolas Jerkin) add in with ACS's info on how to make the sleeves

 Suzanne's Legolas Costume ( great Legolas help! comes in on the bootwrappers, also has all other layers)

Jedielfqueen (great info on elf armor! For more tutorials and neat info on various things like fabric paint embroidery and Galadriel stuff go to her home page)

  Galadhrim March Warden outfit (some ideas to start off with)

  Judy G  (Gimli)
How to put on Elf/hobbit ears and ear-tips - ooh those pointy ears


Lavenda's Hobbit research

Hobbit Costume (mine) - Meet Dora Took!   meet Dora Took

buttonBilbo Baggins! (mine)

Hobbit feet - Hobbit Toes!

Sean (Frodo) 

Carolyn (Frodo) 

Leah (Samwise)

Kel (Merry)

Aurora Celeste (Rosie)

Ya want Nasties??

Matthew's Orc Page


last updated Oct 16, 2005