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On Becoming Dora Took

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    Ok, ya gotta have furry feet! I just didn't shave for a while. Oh all right, I have a lot of old spelsau wool batting (that's a breed of Scandinavian sheep, with really long hair length!). I used this nifty product called "sock glue" that I bought at a dance supply store (Irish and Scottish dancers use it, and it all melts off with a wipe of water) and glued a pad of wool on the top of my foot.  Actually, I've done a lot more work on hobbit feet, and now there's a whole study page about different ways to make your feet hairy
 <click here for hairy feet>

furry feet
"their feet had tough leathery soles and were clad in a thick curling hair, much like the hair of their heads, which was commonly brown" FotR - prologue

Apart from the hairy feet, it's the ears isn't it! These ears are great, a guy in Germany makes them ( ) but he's not selling overseas anymore, so if you want any, just drop me an email and we'll talk.

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Now you put the whole shebang together!

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Hey Lady: Turn around!

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To make may outfit, I used a plaid cotton for the underskirt and bodice contrast, some left over yellow linen from an historic outfit I did for the over skirt, I re-cut an old yellow linen-look gathered chemise for the blouse and borrowed my colonial neckerchief for the shawl. To make the bodice, I used a green cotton table cloth (nice and sturdy!) and lined it with some left over fustian from my historic outfits. I boned it with rigilene plastic boning - no, I didn't use an interlayer and I probably should have, I just stitched the rigilene straight onto the bodice lining and attached the green fabric. I also probably should have glued down the plaid contrast (being much thinner than the tablecloth, I laid it over a regular green front panel) with heat-n-bond or wonder-under or something similar. But I didn't, and it does wrinkle a little. Also, it's a lot easier to lay down the gimp edging on the center panel BEFORE you attach the bias edging around the top and bottom.

The wig I have is from Wilshire Wigs, it's the 'sally' model.

   I've now finished the green corduroy bodice like Mrs. Proudfoot's in FotR, this time I am interlining it. I was going to cord it, and I did make a fully corded interlining, but the thing was sooo heavy that I don't want to use it for this and I went and bought 10 yds of covered plastic boning instead. One thing I discovered while working on the mock-up (always make a mock-up!!) is that either the actress portraying Mrs. Proudfoot is very slender and not on need of any tight bodice, or the original is back-laced in spite of the button. You see, when I made the mock-up, it did exactly what I expected it to do at the buttons - there's only 4 buttons and they are under a lot of stressed having the bodice pulled around - it gapped between the buttons! Since the original doesn't, I suspect it's back-laced. I however, wanted a bodice I could get into myself that didn't back lace, stubborn sort that I am.  So.... I cheated. The button placket is a fake. I made the button holes, but didn't cut them and sewed the buttons in place on top of them. There's actually a line of velcro behind it which keeps it closed. And it seems to work just fine, so I'm happy.

Compare with the originals
Mrs Proudfoot CU       Mrs Proudfoot distance

Now the apron is just one I found lying around (honestly!), and the yellow skirt is from my Swedish costume, so it's much too long for a hobbit. but I needed to put something on and I have no idea what color skirt she's got, I can only tell the apron.
hobbit corderoy bodice       hobbit corderoy bodice CU

Ok, if you want to make your own Hobbit outfit, and you need more instructions, go to . For that matter, for any LotR costume the whole website has more information on it than you can shake a dead orc at! Spend a few days and check it out. If you want to see a nice study on hobbit bodices check out Lavenda's page at Shades of Lavenda - Hobbit Dress Research

 Dora Took: a Nightlife Adventure!

So you thought that hobbits were old-fashioned, quaint, country sorts of people....

Robe3       robe1          Robe2

Then what is Dora Took doing in a motel, and wearing Legolas' clothes?!!