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Lord of the Rings Links to other Websites

There is so much neat stuff already out there, it seems silly to just fill pages with more of the same. So I'll show you were to find really cool stuff, instead of repeating it.

Relating to the NewLine Movie

NewLine LotR Movie site     German LotR Movie Site    French LotR Movie Site   the Quintessential LotR    War of the Ring   The One

Fantasy Planet  Council of Elrond   the  Decipher Cards   Nowhere Elaborated   LotR Image Library  ElfLady  MinasTirith Movie Wallpapers

Sir Ian McKellan  Admired Miranda   LovelyLivTyler  The OrlandoBloomFiles

Downloadable Fonts

Relating to the books
Downloadable Fonts    Elvish Numbers    Emblems & Heraldry  Encyclopedia of Arda  The Complete Guide to Tolkien Online   The Hobbit Site    

Led Zeppelin & Tolkien    Lord of the Rings Fanatics Site      Tengwar  The Thain's Book  Timeline   Tolkien Trail/24 hour museum    Who is Tom Bombadil? 

Fun Stuff

Fellowship of the Ring Personality Test   Barrow Downs Personality Test   Hobbit Personality Test   Even More Personality Tests!

   Hobbit Name Generator   Elvish Name Generator   Barrow Downs Multi-name Generator

Middle Earth Challenge Tournament  Quizzyland: JRRTolkien

and more links to LotR stuff